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Worldwide Brands: Updated For 2018

Some time ago I wrote a long review of the leading drop shipper directory, Worldwide Brands.  This time I'm just going to offer a quick update and try to answer the question: is Worldwide Brands still worth joining in 2018?

The Top Alternatives

Since I last wrote about Worldwide Brands some of the main competitors in the market have becomes much stronger – namely the Chinese wholesaler marketplaces like DH Gate and Ali Express.

Both of these sites offer millions of products at very low prices from wholesalers and drop shippers in China.  They offer many more products than Worldwide Brands does – and the prices are in some cases lower than you'll find in directories like Worldwide Brands or Salehoo.

Worldwide Brands: The Reliable Directory

The key advantage that Worldwide Brands has always had, and still does have, is that they are not simply the largest source of products – but the largest source of certified products.

That's a big difference – the difference between a certified supplier and an uncertified supplier, like the type you find on sites like DH Gate and Ali Express, is huge.

This is where Worldwide Brands is still the best directory – it is still the largest source of certified suppliers in the world, if not purely by volume of suppliers.

If you have $299 to spend and are looking for reliable sources of suppliers, then Worldwide Brands could still be worth the money.