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Ways To Make Your Own Portable Toilet

For many of usage, camping is a bittersweet experience. The majority of us tend to love the outdoors and camping is the greatest way to escape with your nearest and dearest, away from technology and day to day stress.

But, just because there are positive aspects of camping, there’s one negative aspect and this comes in the shape of a mobile toilet, or in this circumstance, lack thereof. In case you have opted to really rough it, then it’s probably you will have no sturdy ablutions close by.

Do Not Have a Portable Toilet? Do Not Despair You Can Make That Too!

Building a portable temporary bathroom before you depart for your trip will prevent this situation and survival fans have come up with this nifty idea for people who still want to use portable toilets out in the wild.

You may create your portable temporary bathroom at home before you depart for your trip to make certain you’re fully prepared for your camping experience. You will need:

A heavy duty plastic bag (preferably those they use in hospitals as these bags are sanitized)

A large plastic bucket

Heavy duty tape or thick elastic bands

Dry chemical disinfectant

Set the heavy duty bag in the bucket and fasten with the ring or duct tape. Put a sterile disinfectant inside – you can use salt, potting soil or kitty litter – and there you have it! For those who have a plastic toilet seat to fasten to the peak of the mobile (also done with duct tape), this can make it much easier to sit on the bucket.