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Use Lanyards and Keep useful things close to you

While going out for office or school, we hurriedly hang our I-cards and move out. But we hardly pay attention to the strap that holds the identity card that gives us entry to our work or the school. This most critical and sturdy strap is commonly known as the Lanyards. Lanyards are most widely used as I-Card holders, but in recent days they have even more uses.

Courtesy: bradypeopleid

Key Holders: If you are a person who often forgets keys here and there, you have a solution to keep it tucked to you always with the help of cheap lanyards as key holders. You may consider hanging them on a cord around your neck or may clip it with your belt loops.

Pen Holders: When you are at your workplace, a pen is a thing that you would need now and then. Keeping a pen tucked with you always with a lanyard hanging from your neck is an excellent way to keep it still close to you.

Phone Holders: Nowadays we cannot move an inch without a phone as it has become one of the essential things for the living. If forgot you would get disturbed, and your family at home or away would become contactless with you. Phone holders with cheap lanyards can give you the convenience of carrying it with you wherever you go.

Compass Holders: Many of us love trekking, exploring outdoors and camping. During these tough journeys, they need the compass to guide your routes which you could easily hang with you with the help of a Compass holding lanyard.