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Tips That You Can Use to Lose That Belly Fat

You have all heard that the first thing you should do before starting a weight loss program, exercising, etc. is to consult with a doctor. There can be underlying causes of weight gain, or you may already have some health effects from being overweight that would show up in a physical.

Belly fat can be a precursor to some diseases. This is important for adults as well as children. Your Doctor should be able to determine if you are healthy enough to pursue the diet or physical exercise plan that you are pursuing.

Skipping meals is a false way to lose belly fat and will not lead to real weight loss or quick weight loss. You will become hungrier and eat more than if you had several small meals a day. You will find that a lot of people, who have trouble losing weight and keeping it off, often skip meals. To gather more information about how to lose belly fat, you can navigate to

Breakfast is the most often skipped meal and is the most important one of the day. Breakfast is going to be the one that sets the tone for your whole day. Skipped meals often lead to excess snacking, drinking sugared drinks (high calories) for energy and other snacks, such as chips and candy 

One other great tip to help in weight loss is to reduce the size of your portions. You can control portion size by reducing the size of your plate. If you ever actually measured out what one portion/serving is you already know that we pile on two to three times what we should. If your plate can't hold it all, then it might just keep you from going back for seconds.