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Tips For Buying property

Guidelines some of the recommendations and tips for landlord to better control their attributes for rental:


1. Tenancy Agreement

It is often important to have a tenancy contract sign between landlord and tenant, the published copy of agreement reveals every one of the conditions that decided between landlord and tenant. In case you are unsure HOWTO draft a tenancy agreement, please participate a real estate agent to help you with this. It’s always tenant who pay for the stamping charge for your tenancy agreement.¬†Through online websites get so many attractive features of Alex Residences Condo Details including an excellent location.

3. Length of Tenancy

It is often guidance to possess 1 year tenancy indicator for every tenant. If you find you’re very happy to maintain this tenant then when involves the renewal of tenancy you may go ahead to sign an extended tenancy. e.g 24 months.

4. Smart way to monitor your utilities billing

If you find your tenant has an outstanding tools bill, please take action by ask the bill to clear. Please don’t accept tenant demand to-use your safety deposit when involves the tenancy end, to offset the rental. Any damages the tenant leaves behind when vacating your premises at the end of tenancy will be covered by the security deposit. e.g. Damage of windows, injury of door etc. the quantity of Security deposit accumulated and knob, absent furniture is usually equal to your month rental fee.