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The Best Brands of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton is one of the few cottons that are misrepresented by the global marketing community, but because it produces the ultimate luxury sheets and is so rare, it's highly coveted.

Finding the best brands of Egyptian Cotton sheets is as easy as finding cotton that is actually Egyptian cotton instead of knockoffs.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Knockoffs

Because sheets can be marketed as Egyptian cotton if the product has just 5% cotton from Egypt, but here's the problem with that. The 5% needed does not mean it is the high quality ELS cotton that is so coveted.

If you're not careful, you can end up with short fiber cottons that are no different than traditional upland cotton which is grown world wide, but just so happens to be grown in Egypt in this type of scenario.

It Gets More Complicated, Though

Some advertise high thread counts as a factor to be considered while determining the quality of Egyptian cotton. This is 100% false. High quality sheets generally have lower thread counts when it comes to ELS cottons such as high quality Egyptian cotton, like the Giza 45 strain.

I challenge you to find real Egyptian ELS cotton with a thread count of 1,000. It's almost impossible. The reason quality has lower thread counts is because ELS cotton fibers are over 30% longer than traditional cottons, making the threads much stronger, longer lasting, less pilling and no need for crazy thread counts because of the durability of ELS cottons.

If you look at sites like Luxury of the Pharaohs, they've already sorted out the best brands of Egyptian cotton sheets, so it's a safe bet to visit sites that have list of the best brands.

You'll be glad you did.