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Spring Cleaning for Pests in NC

Carrying out Spring Cleaning for pests helps get rid of pests for the spring and summer. Following  are some pests and the Spring Cleaning steps to prevent them.


Spring cleaning for roaches needs cleaning all bits of food from countertops, floors, beside doorways, window sills and nearby plumbing fixtures under the sink(s).

Inspect for holes in weather-stripping, cracks beside windows and doors, and the state of the seals around pipes or ductwork. Plug ALL holes and cracks.

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These are just like roaches in respect to Spring Cleaning as all they need is food. Ant food isn't all the time visible to us as it is the tiniest substance at the base of jars.


Fleas love pets and choose to nest in the spots where animals rest both inside and outside. Spring Cleaning necessitates thoroughly vacuuming of all pet sleeping areas indoors.

Also addressing to outdoor sleeping areas, if there are blankets in a doghouse, either wash them thoroughly or replace. Then spray all inside and outside sleep areas with a safe, natural product that controls fleas.


Spring Cleaning applies to the outside of your home as well so to prevent mosquitoes. The water offers a room to lay mosquito eggs however finding all standing water is the challenge.

 Mosquitoes only require a tablespoon of water to lay eggs so wander about all the unnoticed areas… find them and drain them! Spring Cleaning for Pests will make for a much better spring and summer!