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Salehoo Review: An Update for 2018

Over the past few months, I've written quite a few Salehoo reviews – but in this one I want to talk specifically about how Salehoo can still be relevant in 2018, even though there's some strong competition from sites like DHGate and Ali Express now.

DHGate was set up in 2004 and Ali Express, a spin off of the already popular Alibaba website, was set up about a decade later.  Both have rapidly become popular – each lists tens of millions of wholesale products from Chinese suppliers that will ship around the world, with really low minimum orders and sometimes free of charge.

Perhaps the biggest asset of such sites is their ability to fully integrate with Shopify stores – Oberlo, an app on the Shopify marketplace, allows you to import and edit products from Ali Express and automate the fulfilment and shipping side of your online business.  Salehoo, and it's close competitor Worldwide Brands, cannot offer such levels of integration.

That's the problem with traditional directories like Salehoo – they require a lot more work to use them, but they have advantages too.  All their suppliers are certified, the products often ship faster as they come from the USA and you will find unique products and branded goods that are simply not on offer on sites like DHGate and Ali Express, and never will be.

These are the reasons that people continue to join sites like Salehoo and Worldwide Brands in 2018, and probably will continue to for a long time yet.