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Pescador Island Hopping in Cebu

Snorkeling has always been one of the best underwater and or watersport activity done in a lovely beach or in an island hopping tour. The province of Cebu has been one of the best tourist destinations wherein a snorkeling activity can exceed a non-local or foreign tourist’s expectation. Cebu or the Queen city of the South is one of the best and well sought after tourist destination that tourists prefer to spend their vacation in. The place remained consistent with regards to tourists visiting the place and all thank to how each tourist spots remained natural and well-maintained by locals to keep it attractive to them.

Pescador Island Hopping is one of the greatest highlighted activity in Cebu especially during an island hopping tour in the south. Apparently, the province is surrounded with a vast open sea thus expanding more of what its underwater showcases. Fish sanctuaries are located surrounding the place thus an underwater activities are pretty much applicable during the tour. Recreational scuba diving and free diving are doable particularly those thrill seeking tourists. The area has a very rich and lively marine community and unique and rare species of fishes can be sighted. In relation to that, corals of various sizes and color protects and provides shelter to fishes making the island or its surroundings a perfect spot for an underwater activity.