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National Parks near Misty Mountains Retreat.


Queensland is home to two UNESCO World heritage sites, the first one being the famous Great Barrier Reef. While The Wet Tropics forests which neighbors the reef is the second but lesser known world heritage site. A few must see national parks in the area are –

Wooroonooran National Park – The Josephine Fall section of the park is located about 30 minutes away. The Waterfall is a tiered cascade waterfall located on the southern side of the tallest mountain in Australiastanding at 1622 meters.

Crater Lakes National Park – Located an hour away, the park contains 2 volcanic crater lakes, Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham. Both lakes are freshwater lakes and there only source of water is rainwater. Hiking trails exist around the lakes along with romantic boat rides.

Davies Creek National Park – Home to Five rare, threatened and indigenous species, Davis Creek National Park is located on the picture perfect Atherton Tableland. It is populated with eucalyptus trees and granite structures.

Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park – Located 2 hours away, this park is known mostly for its mountain bike trails, road cycling trails, walking and 4×4 drive trails. The place has a large variety of trails suited for different types of hikers of different skills.

Romantic getaways in QLD are not limited to the traditional hot air balloons and spas. For the adventurous, nature loving honeymooners, Misty Mountains retreat offers some of the best natural parks in The Wet Tropics of Australia.