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Importance Of Crosswalk Traffic Signs

Crosswalk traffic signs are an excellent way to reinforce driving laws and keep pedestrians safe when they cross the road.

Where to Use Crosswalk Signals

Most commonly you’ll find crosswalk signs used at busy intersections to help people cross the road safely. These signs are extremely helpful in alerting drivers to areas where pedestrians could be walking and designate a safe place for people to crossroads. Busy intersections are merely one place you might find crosswalk traffic signs. You will also find them in areas including:

School grounds- Among the maximum traffic areas for automobiles and pedestrians is on school grounds. Whether your kid is walking to school or simply crossing the road for your car, crosswalk signs serve as an important tool for keeping everyone safe on school property.

If you want to use these traffic signs (which is also known as ‘ป้ายจราจร‘ in the Thai language ) to keep safe your area then you can also see the latest technologies used in the traffic signs on the web.


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Churches and synagogues-  Places of worship frequently use crosswalk traffic signs and crossing guards to make certain that their members get to and from services safely. This is particularly critical for escorting families and older people too and from the church or synagogue.

Shopping centers- Malls and shopping centers are high traffic areas that pose a good deal of possible dangers to pedestrians. To get people safely from the parking garage or lot into the shopping center, crosswalk traffic signs are used. These designate where people can cross the road safely and let drivers know to slow down or stop to let pedestrians cross.