How to Stop Cats from Scratching the Furniture

Almost every cat owner has experienced coming home, only to find his or her furniture scratched and damaged. Scratching furniture, which is also called stropping, is actually a perfectly normal behavior for cats. To get more detail about cat boarding visit

How to Stop Cats from Scratching the Furniture

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Sadly, the scratching of furniture causes inconvenient damage and expenses and is the leading cause for cats being put in shelters. Cats cannot stop scratching; however, there are many methods which can be used to stop cats from scratching the home decor.

A good deal of owners chooses the way of de-clawing their cat, which is not painful for the cat, but unnecessary. De-clawing is a painful operation, where a cat's claw is amputated up to the joint.

There is A popular method to purchase a more attractive choice for a cat making the furniture inviting. There are even the scratching boards, which aren't hard on a pocket, or a range of scratching posts. The majority of these posts are coated with social or carpeting, each of which are.

You could also find ways to make the target unpleasant in addition to purchasing a more attractive option. Is water spraying this works, but it stops cats? Because they have an odor, which is unpleasant to cats you could also try putting peels.

Simply pick up the cat, when you find the cat moving over to the furniture and deliver it over to board or the post. If your cat starts using it, reward it with giving it a treat, or petting. Cats respond better to behavior never resort to physically punishing a cat, when a lasting impression will be left by rewarding them.