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Hair Loss-Is It A Normal Part Of Aging?

Hair loss in some people is genetic. The most common form of hair loss is male pattern hair loss. Usually beginning in the mid to late 20's, it becomes harder until it reaches the timeless "monk's tonsure" look. With genetic hair loss, it becomes extremely hard to slow down or stop the process.

For male pattern hair loss, dietary supplements which slow down cellular aging like L-Carnosine may forestall the hair fall. Another method is to rejuvenate the failing hair follicles. Scientists have discovered that using infra red lasers modulating at 780nm, this energy can help keep hair loss down by stimulating the hair follicles into a continuing growth pattern.

Some upper-scale salons do provide laser-therapy baldness treatments, and there is actually a home-use hair loss prevention device too which is known as the Hair Beam. For laser therapy hair-loss prevention to be effective, the lasers must be medical grade infra-red lasers.

Chemotherapy is a major cause of hair-loss. Many people lost their hair permanently after using drug name Taxotere. Many people filed lawsuits against Taxotere via Countless breast cancer patients consented to Taxotere treatment without knowledge of the possible side effect of permanent hair loss. So be carefull before taking any cancer treatment drug.