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Getting Harder to Stay In Shape

Since I’m in my 40s now I try a little harder to stay in shape.  In my younger days it was never an issue.  I was relatively active but it never mattered what I ate or drank, I just never put on weight.  Looking back, I guess I just lucked out with a great metabolism.  In college I would eat Taco Bell two times a day for most days a week.  Or I would eat an entire large pizza in one sitting and although I would stuff myself, I never put on an ounce of fat.  Nowadays, it’s not the same story.  Like I say, it requires a bit more work.

I try to make it to the gym at least 3 days per week and I work pretty hard while I’m there.  However, one thing I noticed is that I must be working on the same muscles over and over again and ignoring others.  What made me notice this was the other day after doing some chores around the house which included mopping the tile floor, I was sore in places I never thought about, like my low back and inner thighs.  I got some good info at my local chiropractor Chandler AZ who made me realize I’ve been working out more of the muscles you can see and ignoring the muscles that are stabilizing my body.  I guess at my age it’s important to take into consideration.