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Finding Condominiums For Rent In Istanbul

A city rich with history, culture, and tradition, Istanbul is a place that is full of excitement and adventure. It is no wonder that many tourists flock the capital of Turkey and many who visit this place find it hard to leave. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul for a long holiday or if you are staying in the city for work, you should consider looking for a condo to rent. This article provides you with a list of condos for rent in Istanbul including the condo’s location, its amenities, and other features.

  1. Greco City House – This 5-bedroom accommodation can be found in the fashionable district of Istanbul covered with bars wine and food stores, and restaurants. It is within strolling distance of many tourist sites that are popular such as palaces and the bazaar.
  2. Lamps of Istanbul – This condominium is newly renovated and located nearby the 14th Millennium Galata Structure. It’s a breathtaking porch view of the Egyptian Bazaar. Those traveling to Turkey will find this aspect of its life appealing. And to add to this traveling bonanza, the Turkish cuisine and hospitality will be of world class, making your stays unparalleled and find holiday apartments in Turkey.
  3. Whitened Studio – This charming one bedroom condominium unit is barely a four-minute walk to a 2 plus Istiklal street -minute wander to Algerian road. I
  4. Galata Arms – This is a one-bedroom condo unit using a magnificent view of the Funeral Chapel.
  5. Galateia Home – This condominium gets the perfect location in most of Istanbul since it is located just off Istiklal Caddesi near Canal Square in Beyoglu.