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Features Of Digital Cameras

The creation of digital camera truly is a terrific progress in the realm of photography. The system enables photographers to click a few of the highest quality photos of their life. Moreover, they are also able to record videos and make lifelong memories.

Let us discuss a few important terms associated with a DG. These include:

Shutter speed

The shutter speed or exposure time is an important element of photography. It’s defined as the time during which a camera’s shutter is open. It’s undoubtedly the most creative adjustment available in the digital cameras. 

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Image stabilization

Image stabilization is another essential terms associated with photography. It’s defined as a package of techniques intended to decrease the blurring happening with the movement of cameras while vulnerability. Along with DGs, the method also exists in telescopes, binoculars, and various video and still cameras.


When we use the term megapixel, we mostly refer to the maximum resolution where a digital camera may click photos in millions of pixels. A megapixel means one million pixels. It’s a term used to refer to the complete number of pixels within an image. Additionally, it expresses the amount of image sensor components of the DGs.