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Fancy Shaped Diamonds Should Not be Overlooked

The world's most popular cut for engagement rings are round, brilliant diamonds and naturally are more expensive than their cuts than their counterparts on the market.

However, when you delve further into looking at specific cuts of diamonds you can disagree with the notion that an FSD is not a quality diamond. 

A top quality FSD is on equal par in many ways. By using instruments such as an ideal cut grading tool, companies are now able to identify their real qualities.  These kinds of tools can remedy anomalies and reflective disorders of a lesser quality diamonds. 

Sellers are now able to identify numerous areas that need to be considered before purchasing and selling on such as:

Light leakage

Partial light return


In general, the industry is now able to identify vulnerable spots in more microscopic details than ever previously thought.

This enables the jeweller to increase the quality of the FSD.  For the best advice in Australia contact

The industry does have many uneducated and frankly unscrupulous cutters that end up creating bad and secondary value diamonds due to not having the grading system knowledge. Adding this to the plethora of cutters all looking for the perfect carat has unfortunately saturated the market with FSD's that do not perform to the high light performance standards required to sell at the right price. 

Stocking them has become an issue for jewellers even though in some cases they have a greater round surface than a brilliant diamond, but the reflective quality is lacking due to the poor cutting quality.

With the technology available to cut a diamond whereby it burns beyond its grade, superior cuts are now becoming available if you are qualified to do so and using the right equipment.  

So FSD's still have an essential role to play in the market and should be marketed and sold as such, why not spend the time to cut what the customer wants, it's worth the effort.


Moreover, with the increase in the demand for fancy cuts the industry as a whole should assist in balancing this by upping the qualification standard of cutters to ensure the niche's sustainability.