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Etiquette Tips to Follow While Visiting Fiji


Fiji is home to over 300 islands consisting of palm trees, bungalows, resorts, sandy beaches and beautiful waters. The moment you land in Fiji, you’ll be amazed with everything this beautiful tropical island has in store for you. There are a lot of things to do and see and respecting the local traditions and culture of Fijianswill help you have a good time. Here’s a short lists of things to keep in mind during your stay.

  • Avoid touching anyone’s head as it is considered disrespectful.
  • Stay close to the host if they invite you to their village. You can talk to other’s but avoid wandering off with another member of the village.
  • During the Yoqona ceremony, take a sip of Kava (traditional drink) when offered. Don’t refuse since it is considered rude.
  • Avoid speaking or making unnecessary noise during the presence of the chief’s. Remember, only high-status people along with a few guards (if permitted) are allowed to speak.
  • Don’t raise your voice while speaking. Fijians consider this behavior as anger. Instead, talk softly.
  • Fijians are welcoming people and are also known to be friendly. However if you want to click a picture with them, take their permission first.

Fijis private islands provide you with plenty of opportunity to mix with the locals and enjoy the local culture.