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Employee Protection Is Top Of The Priority List

As a business owner or an employer, employee’s security is paramount. It’s not about your personal choice, but you should have legal responsibility of your employee’s welfare, health and safety including any visitors to your site and self-employed people.  That is why risk assessment in the work place is important. Your lone workers should not be at more risk than other employees.

You should outsource your risk assessments to ensure non-bias and secure completion, when choosing the security to outsource. By completion of your lone worker risk assessment through an external security company such as you can be sure that the assessment is accredited to BD8484, some security companies can offer services that monitor your workers' locations in real time which means they are protected in difficult situations.

State of the art services can be required depending on your requirements; offerings include GPS location devices that can be used within a mobile phone to locate your lone workers in intervals that suit your requirements. A push for help service is also allocated on mobile phone that uses a four key pass code that activated a speed dial where lone workers can ask for assistance or allow the security team to listen and gage the situation. Another offering provided by security companies allows you to monitor the orientation of your lone workers; this system requires a mobile with in-built accelerometer which will alert if the orientation of the worker changes, this could include falling or the inability to move.