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Email Tracking – Brief On 3 General Misconceptions

Detailed and accurate statistics on email campaign presentation is one of the benefits of email marketing. On the other hand, there are numerous misconceptions regarding email tracking that pervade the business.

It is significant that email marketers know their email statistics correctly prior to making crucial decisions or assessing their email campaign’s performance. You can also look for free email tracker and email tracking tools via

To Assist You to navigate into the dark waters of email metrics; I want to investigate 3 of their most frequent misconceptions in interpretation email monitoring results:

1. Email with high receptive and click-through rates wins

Email marketers often use a method that suggests segmenting the email list and sending different variations of the identical email to each section. Such splits tests assist evaluate the efficacy of various subject lines, imaginative approaches, provides, etc…

2. All readers opened my email

Open speeds are monitored by means of a more transparent one pixel gif picture hosted on a server and inserted into a HTML message exactly like standard pictures. Any action on the receivers’ component that contributes to the picture load is counted as an open.

3. Email is much more responsive compared to postal mail

In postal mail, the response rate is the percentage of individuals who reacted by phoning, registering a web site, visiting a shop, etc.