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Different Types Of Fire Dancing

The Maoris are a native tribe in New Zealand and are largely called the earliest inventors of the art of fire dancing. In various cities, you can still see brilliant fire shows performed by the artists.

Broadly speaking, the dancing sequence they produce using poi balls do not entail the usage of fire but the moves but are quite similar to what you’d find being used from the present modern fire dancers.

Livi Lico

Maori poi balls are both dancing and musical instruments. More notably, it’s utilized for example drums when creating songs. These dances are used not only for storytelling but they are also ideal for exercising your own body.

Hawaiian Sword Dance

Another traditional dance that today’s modern fire Dance depends upon is that the knife dance in the Samoans, a tribe native to Hawaii.

Everybody knows that Hawaiians are great listeners. Their dancing styles are unique and famous around the world and many songs are created popular as they are usually used for Hawaiian dancing.

It was only in 1946, but that Hawaiian dancing was united by Way of passion. Subsequently, Letu Olo Misilagi has been San Francisco’s Shriners Convention to get a performance.

He happened to find that a baton twirler and fire eater perform and was summarily moved, enough to earn a fire knife dance. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bulgarian Fire Walking

It isn’t dancing per se, however, it’s close enough. Firewalling remains a dangerous and thrilling behaving artwork and one that originated from the hills of Bulga.