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Can Dye Sublimation Be Done on Cotton or Snowboard Surfaces?

Cotton fabrics are not really suitable for dye sublimation pressing. Any smooth or hard surface treated with polymeric can be sprint printed. There are those who've shared about this kind of printing on T-shirts made from cotton, however, genuine sublimation printing is possible no natural cloth.

But, there are also heat transfer dyes that can work similar to this process. To know more about dye sublimation shirts, you can also browse

The thing about natural fabrics is they won't open and close just like what polymer-based substrates do. With that, as the dyes are converted from liquid to gas and get passed onto the fabric fibers, the dyes mix onto the surface and not into the fibers.

This would be hard for you to clean the printed displays because the inks would easily fade and wash off if you do. You can always screen print with cotton cloth, but then the concern has always been the longevity of the ink that tends to fade off with washing.

 Plus, the printed surface is not smooth, yet there have been newly innovated inks that have a smooth finish and are quite close to dye sub printed items even if substrates are not made from polyester material.

The recommended cloth for dye sublimation is the polyester fabric. This type of cloth is capable of opening its fibers with the heat press, receiving the gaseous dyes, and then as the temperature drops, the fibers close to permanently hold the dyes on.

It is possible to do dye sub pressing on snowboard surfaces. But, for the surface to be suitable, it must be applied with polymeric treatment. If any surface is treated, then this style of print technology can work even from glass to mugs.