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Best Swimsuits For Petite Women

There is a lot of variety when we talk about different types of swimsuits. From busty, curvy women to short and petit women; every type of figure has its own needs and demands ad far as the swimwear is concerned.

You can buy swimwear online in Australia by ordering it online, choosing from hundreds of different types, colours, sizes and prints which match your figure. If you are petite, following are the tips which you can follow in order to look smoking at the beach:

1. Go for frills and laces

You can always go for some frills and laces which cover your bust and bottoms, if you have a petite figure and you want to look curvier. Frills and laces add volume to the areas which you think might look flat instead. If you think your bust is small, you can go for padded and wired inner wear to lift up your bust and make it look fuller.

Courtesy: Defy Media

2. For a short torso

If you have a short torso, you can create an illusion of an elongated torso by adding length to it. Lifting your bust through a push up inner wear will help your waist to become more focused. You can make your torso look bigger by wearing low-rise bottoms and a top with straps, which will draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

3. Fighting short legs

Going for a swimsuit with high cuts in the legs will create an illusion of longer legs, making you look taller. Your gams will appear longer, since most of you skin will be visible. If you are interested in a 2 piece, go for a strappy bottom or even a thong, if you are very brave.

Petite women don’t have to hide any fat anyway. They can easily pull it off if they keep these few tips in mind.