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Best Seafood Restaurant At NY

I’ve been in NY for a week and seen lots of NY. It’s simply amazing; I’ve already fallen in love with the city. Soho just took my breath away-with distinct restaurants, shops and pubs; it is only a vibrant and multicultural area of NY where History and contemporary times meet and mangle 24/7. BTW, Soho is the place to be to taste various foods and to take a look at all the different restaurants, offering breakfast, lunch and or dinner.

1 day my roommates and I decided to go into NY and find it. We took the underground to Piccadilly Circus and began to walk around. We got talking about different cities and countries we came from and what makes NYC so different from this. It was quite funny to hear all the different opinions and ideas about NY.

1 opinion grabbed my attention, which was;”NY has so many distinct locations and is so varied, but Soho makes a real difference with the rest of Europe’s large cities”. At precisely the exact same moment she said that, we entered Soho without understanding it.

It was time for lunch and we finally started to get hungry, so we discussed what we would like to eat and in which restaurant. Seafood, vegetarian, meat – we wanted something different- but finally we decided on fish. Get more information about soul food restaurant in nyc via

seafood restaurant

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As all of us have internet on our phones, we googled Restaurants supplying seafood for lunch in Soho’, Randall and Aubin was the first restaurant that popped up on our hunt. The research said famous for their fish’. So after all this googling we decided to go and take a look at Randall and Aubin. It was really crowded, but we could see that everyone was having fun