A Simple Guide to Auto Accidents

More than six million car accidents occur every year in United States. Of these six million accidents, countless numbers cause serious injuries. It's estimated that a person is injured in a car accident every 14 seconds in United States.

How to proceed if you are within an Auto Accident:

– Take a moment to compose yourself. Take a deep breath and make an effort to remain calm.

– Put on your emergency flashers, and if possible move vehicle out of the roadway to avoid additional risk.

– Check for injuries, and call the ambulance ASAP in case there is an emergency. If you're in doubt as to the severity of an injury, err on the side of caution and call an ambulance.


– Notify the police and cooperate fully with the officer by giving a truthful and detailed account of the accident. Do not say that mistake or accuse another drivers of fault, just state the fact and the officer can do his/her job. If you need any help regarding an auto accidents, you can also consult Auto Accident Doctor in Palm Beach Gardens online.

– Document the scene of the accident as best since you can. This includes getting the names and contact information of any witnesses.

– If you're hurt, contact your doctor first and then a good personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The earlier your lawyer gets involved, the better chance you have of reaching a fair settlement. Your lawyer will let you file your claims, see to the details, and discuss your recovery.