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4 Household Items for Bed Bug Inspection Success

This report explains the 4 easy tools you need if you would like to know how to test for bed bugs. You will know how to perform a bed bug inspection using tools when you're finished reading. Do not worry, if you do not have these tools available, you can catch them. If you want more information about bed bug inspection you may lead here

4 Household Items for Bed Bug Inspection Success

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4 Tools to Conduct Your Inspection:



Magnifying Glass

Flat-Head Screwdriver

Gloves – They make a barrier between your skin and the bed bugs as well as. Even though you can inspect without them, they give you the confidence to be thorough and to get in there.

Flashlight – light is critical to obtain these guys. They move quickly when the seeing sense or light movement, can crawl to prevent detection and focus in hiding. Bed bugs that are youthful, or the eggs and nymphs, are tiny and the light can allow you to spot these men. The can often be a very similar color to your mattress and the light makes them “stand out" a little.

Magnifying Glass – it helps to get these men if your site is anymore although it's possible to perform a review with this tool out. I find this to be useful. This gives an advantage to you if your eyesight is ideal.

Flat-Head Screwdriver – This is for carrying the staples from the “cheesecloth" covering on the bottom of the box springs. Where the cloth connects the bottom of the box springs bed bugs really like to conceal beneath the seams.